Performance Has Never
Felt This Good

Everyday All Summer

They do it all and feel amazing.

We were for aching for no-think shorts that perform in sand traps, on a pickle ball court, and during dinner reservations at eight.

And, as always they have to be conspicuously comfortable.

We achieve premium comfort and softness by using a unique blend of the finest cotton and natural modal fibers and proprietary performance yarn to the weft to deliver more than enough wicking and stretch to get you from the softball field to your to your t-time multiple days in a row.

So you're always ready and comfortable.

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Patented pocketing says that we are extremely serious about every detail of our pants and the experience that you will have wearing them.

Screen-Loving Pockets Feel Amazing.

Our pocketing is made of optical quality cleaning fabric which helps keep stuff smudge-free and germ-free and they feel amazing.

The product is the experience, not the shorts. We make them for ourselves: decision-less shorts that we wear all the time for just about everything. If they don't become instant favorites, then we ask that you request a return, because that is the experience we guarantee.

The Only Shorts For All Summer

Innovative premium cotton & modal natural fiber blend

Helps keep stuff safe, germ-free, and smudge-free.

Just-right inseam. Not too short. Not too. long.

Super Stretch Mobility & Wicking.

Easy care with less wrinkle out of wash.

Stretch Supreme Cotton milled with just the right amount of stretch and structure for great performance and fit.

Stretch Supreme 5 Pocket Living

Go Long
On Summer

Summer Leg Luxury In Limited Quantities Of Light Grey & New Khaki

"Leg-Feel" is actually a thing.

A "Leg-Feel" So Good It's Almost Weird.

They feel quite noticeably good on your legs. That's really the thing about them. There's nothing wrong with 24/7 leg bliss.
Cloaked in a really cool and versatile five pocket pant is an underlying innovation that delivers an epidermal sense of well being that's possible when you design and mill your own fabrics.
Add a patented pocket you can't keep your hands out of, and life is quite nice.
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Sale price $135.00 Regular price
Regular price $135.00
Sale price $135.00 Regular price
Regular price $135.00
Sale price $135.00 Regular price $222.00
Regular price $135.00
Sale price $135.00 Regular price $222.00
Regular price $135.00
Sale price $135.00 Regular price
Regular price $135.00
Sale price $135.00 Regular price $222.00

Profiles Of Five Pocket Pant Wearers To Watch.

Charlie Ham

Charlie Ham is a kicker for the Duke Blue Devils and is from Atlanta, GA.
He is only seven points away from becoming the 17th player in Duke history
to amass 150+ points. We stand behind him in super comfortable pants
he can wear wherever and whenever, so he is always on his game.

Feedback has been great.

J. Raulet

I love these pants!

Your pants made their Paris debut. Sorry, I'm so fat.

A. Acree

I f---ing love these pants!

I don't know why I packed, I wore my Khakish pants all weekend. So comfortable and fits good me.

R. Gray

Pockets rock.

I have four colors now and wear them all the time.

D. Woodham

Groovy Pants

..groovy pants! I love the colors, and could base my entire wardrobe on them alone and they fit just right, and can wear them with pretty much anything, too.

A. Perry

Super comfortable. Girlfriend loves them.

I love these pants

R. Cantor

I wore mine all last week.

I'm buying another pair.

J. Clifton

Just bought my fourth pair. Thanks for the code.

Excellent product.

Quality and Value
Transcend Time In Pants

We are veteran luxury apparel designers and manufacturers committed to earning loyal customers.

We make batch inventories, sell them out, get feedback, innovate and repeat.

Our almost-no marketing approach allows us to deliver premium quality at median prices.

Our goal is to achieve and maintain peerless quality and value, one product at a time.

And time is merely a human construct based on the law of harmonic motion, which Supreme Stretch Cotton 5 Pocket Pants transcend.

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Satisfaction Absolutely

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