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New Found Thread's Modern Five Pocket Pants in Stretch Supreme Cotton: Elevating Style and Comfort for the Modern Gentleman

by Everett Cramer on Jan 09, 2024

New Found Thread's Modern Five Pocket Pants in Stretch Supreme Cotton: Elevating Style and Comfort for the Modern Gentleman

For today's gentleman navigating a jam-packed day filled with meetings, lunches, errands, kids' sports, and perhaps a round of golf, New Found Thread presents the ultimate solution with our Classic Five Pocket Pants crafted from luxurious performance Stretch Supreme Cotton.

Seamlessly Transition from Boardroom to Family Time

Experience the versatility of our five-pocket pants. The everyday tailored fit, enhanced by the exclusive Stretch Supreme Cotton, make these pants suitable for any setting, ensuring you look great and are always wash comfortable.

Luxurious Comfort 24/7

In the midst of a busy schedule, our Stretch Supreme Cotton five-pocket pants provide a luxurious hand and leg-feel and truly unmatched in comfort that never stops. 

Durability for Dudes

Stretch Supreme Cotton withstands the demands of a hectic lifestyle. From running errands to everything else, and hopefully a quick round of golf, our pants offer the perfect balance of resilience and luxury, that help you transition seamlessly throughout every part of your day.

Timeless Style Tailored to You

Tailored to the modern gentleman with the enduring appeal of five-pocket pants now elevated by Stretch Supreme Cotton, New Found Thread 5 Pocket pants are a wardrobe essential that transcends generations, and every day of the week.

Fit For Everyone’s Differences.

Everyone’s body is slightly different within the traditional size scale.  We made innovations in proportions and design at the core of our pants to optimize most body variations.  Then we innovated Stretch Supreme Cotton to feel really, really good, and move and adjust to you, so that they look and feel just right for you.  

Coolness for the Well-Rounded Gentleman

Our pants are cool, even with a jacket.  Cool pants are step-one every day.  And our pants wear so well you can wear the same pair every day without compromising comfort and style.  And they look cool when you’re asleep on the couch.

Innovation Meets Proaction

The New Found Thread commitment to innovation is reflected in the design details, washes, and cuts, and innovations that embrace emerging apparel trends while extending enduring classics.

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