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Is It Crowded In The Ballroom?

by Paul Dorn on Jan 10, 2024

Is It Crowded In The Ballroom?

Is it crowded in the ballroom? 

Are you less ideal than the ideal pant leg model? Is it difficult to buy the perfect pair of pants? That one perfect pair of pants.  For everything.  That would be nice.

Buying one pair of pants for navigating meetings, lunches, errands, kids' sports, and perhaps a round of golf was almost impossible, until we introduced our very updated Classic Five Pocket Pants design- crafted from luxurious performance Stretch Supreme Cotton and fit for almost any activity or occasion.

Fit For Everyone’s Differences.

Everyone’s body is slightly different within the traditional size scale.  We made innovations in proportion design to optimize most body variations.  Then we innovated Stretch Supreme Cotton to move and form and feel extremely good to the touch, and to move and adjust to you, so that they look and feel just right for you.  

Seamlessly Transition from Meeting, Golf, Whatever

Most five-pocket pants are very versatile, which is why we want to make them. We wear them all the time. And they sail through meetings, errands, anything, really. The everyday tailored fit, enhanced by the exclusive Stretch Supreme Cotton, make these the Swiss Army Knife of pants, if you will.  Just change your shirt or throw on a jacket and keep rolling.

Everyday Luxury Comfort

We have unmatched hand and leg-feel, which makes a pair five pocket pants that much more perfect for everyday wear.  We admittedly wear ours for days, and you might too, because it's natural and/or you can get away with it in style. 

Luxury Microfiber Cleaning Pockets

Our pockets feel amazing and give you a great feeling when you put your hands in them.  They also help keep your phone screen clean and germ-free, and clean your eyewear. They are durable and lint-free.

Durability Tested by Dudes

Our Stretch Supreme Cotton withstands the demands of an active lifestyle. From running errands to everything else, our pants offer the perfect balance of resilience and luxury, that help you transition seamlessly throughout every part of your day.  We get great reviews from a dudes, and women, too.

Timeless Style Tailored for you You

Tailored for everyday luxury for the relevant gentleman, the enduring appeal of five-pocket pants are now elevated by Stretch Supreme Cotton and microfiber pockets. The New Found Thread 5 Pocket pant is the most current update to a timeless wardrobe essential.

Well Rounded Cool

Our pants are cool, even with a jacket. Cool pants are step one.  You need to be able to wear them for days without compromising comfort and style.  Cool pants get more mileage than anything in your closet.  But, if they're not comfortable, it won't be cool.  Comfort begets cool.


The New Found Thread commitment to innovation is reflected in the design details, fibers, construction quality, and innovations in our products that embrace emerging apparel trends and extend enduring classics.

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