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Groovin' with Goose: The Stretch Supreme 5 Pocket Pant Trip

by Paul Dorn on Jan 06, 2024

It was last year, 2023, and the vibe was vibe was electric as I embarked on a musical journey like no other – following the tour of the band "Goose" with nothing but two pairs of New Found 

Thread Stretch Supreme Cotton 5 Pocket Pants. As a bigtime fan, I knew this adventure would be nuts, and my choice of clothing turned out to be a stroke of genius.


The Stretch Supreme pants quickly proved to be the perfect wingman on on a long road trip. As I hit the first city on the tour, the stretch cotton kept its free moving, free flowing freestyle comfort and groove to the whole way and to Goose shows and everything before, about, and around them. From intimate venues to open-air festivals, my pants were the jam.


As  the tour unfolded, I might have found myself a few gummies and a mushroom tab into musical euphoria. That’s not on the record, btw. The ridiculously comfortable Stretch Supreme cotton of my New Found Thread 5 pocket pants kept everything just, well, groovin.  When sht got really grooving, whether it was "Creatures", or “Empress,” the stretchy baby seal softness ensured optimal comfort during what may have been the best groove I’ve ever been in.  Goose!


From the intimate venues of the East Coast to the sprawling festivals of the West, my Stretch Supreme pants proved to be the jam, live saving hack.  You can totally sleep in them.  So, comfortable. When the inevitable spills and stains occurred, the easy-care fabric cleaned up quick and show-ready. A washed them a couple of times in the sink and hung them overnight or over the backseat and they turnout spot on fresh.


In the end, as I bid farewell to the Goose tour, and am looking forward to the next one.  I know what pants I’ll be taking on tour.

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