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3 Musts When Buying Everyday Pants

by Kairock Partners SRL on Jan 06, 2024

Define Your Style and Lifestyle:


Versatile Style: Consider 5 pocket pants which are designed with versatility in mind. They can seamlessly transition between casual and slightly dressier occasions, making them suitable for various style preferences. If they are performance stretch cotton, then they are even more versatile uses like golf pants, bowling pants, lawn bowl pants, if you're into that.

Modern Aesthetic: The contemporary design of the five-pocket pants adds a modern touch to your wardrobe, catering to individuals who appreciate a blend of classic and contemporary styles.  The slightly updated style will give you a fresh feel and outlook too.

Invest in Highest Quality Basics:

Comfort: It must be exceptionally comfortable.  Looking, feeling genuinely comfortable might be the most important part of wearing your clothes well, not to mention feeling good provides great value and return on your investment.

Durable Fabric: Prioritize the highest-quality materials. Investing in durable fabric that not only looks good but also withstands daily wear.

Stylish Neutral Options: Get pants in a range of neutral colors, aligning with the principle of building a wardrobe around timeless basics. These colors provide a solid foundation for creating various outfit combinations.


Fit and Quality: The Best Fit:



New Found Thread focuses on providing a predictable fit in five-pocket pants and shorts. Extra attention is paid to ensure that pants complement body shapes.

Quality Craftsmanship: Emphasizing quality over quantity, our five pocket pants showcase premiere craftsmanship, and construction. This commitment to quality aligns with the idea of building a wardrobe with lasting, well-constructed pieces.

Incorporating New Found Thread's five-pocket pants into your wardrobe decisions allows you to add a modern, versatile, and well-crafted element to your collection. These pants can serve as a key piece in both casual and semi-formal settings, providing a stylish and comfortable option for various occasions.
Some say they are "the bomb."

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