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How To Buy The Right Pants For Any Occassion

by Paul Dorn on Jan 07, 2024

  • Office/Professional Meetings:
    • Best Option: Tailored chinos or dress pants.
    • Business Casual:  Stretch Five Pocket Pants in neutral colors, flat-front and chinos.
    • Style: Classic or slim fit for a polished look
  • Casual Friday at Work:
    • Best Option: Stretch Supreme Cotton Five Pocket Pants for comfort, stretch and classic style.
    • Style: Slim or straight fit for a relaxed yet professional appearance
  • Weekend Errands and Casual Outings:
    • Best Option: Comfortable denim, casual khakis, stretch cotton 5 pocket pants.
    • Style: Straight or relaxed fit for a laid-back feel
  • Outdoor Activities/Sports:
    • Best Option: Performance pants with moisture-wicking and stretch features
    • Cotton blend option:  5 pocket pants for transitioning between daily activities, including golf.
    • Style: Athletic or jogger style for ease of movement
  • Formal Events or Dinner Dates:
    • Best Option: Wool blend dress pants
    • Style: Tailored or slim fit for a sophisticated look
  • Home Improvement/Outdoor Work:
    • Best Option: Durable cargo pants or workwear trousers
    • Style: Relaxed fit for practicality and comfort
  • Gym/Exercise:
    • Best Option: Moisture-wicking, breathable athletic pants or shorts
    • Style: Tapered or fitted for ease of movement
  • Travel:
    • Best Option: Comfortable, wrinkle-resistant stretch 5 pocket pants that transition well throughout transit and most venues. 
    • Style: Straight or slim fit for versatility and comfort
  • Social Gatherings/Parties:
    • Best Option: Stylish, well-fitted jeans, five pocket pants, or chinos
    • Style: Depending on the event, opt for slim or straight fit
  • Relaxing at Home:
    • Best Option: Casual lounge pants or joggers
    • Style: Loose or relaxed fit for maximum comfort
  • Date Night/Casual Evening Out:
    • Best Option: Dark wash jeans or tailored chinos
    • Style: Slim or straight fit for a smart-casual appearance
  • Brunch or Day Out with Family:
    • Best Option: Casual khakis or a comfortable active 5 pocket pant from New Found Thread.
    • Style: Relaxed or straight fit for a laid-back vibe.

Remember, personal style preferences play a significant role, and the key is to have a versatile wardrobe that can adapt to a range of situations. Investing in quality pants like those from New Found Thread, and other premium brands and manufacturers that fit well and suit different occasions ensures a well-rounded and functional wardrobe for men in this age group.

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